The Next Generation Of Surveillance Systems

The Next Generation Of Surveillance Systems


6 Benefits of the Next Generation of Surveillance Systems.

Everyone can agree on the importance of surveillance systems. But how many organizations are enjoying the full benefit of them?

In a recent global survey by Forbes,[1] 58% of organizations claim that fewer than half of their valuable assets are under video surveillance. Furthermore, 66% said that fewer than half of their facilities equipped with video surveillance are actually monitored by security personnel. Instead, video footage is recorded and stored, only to be used to provide evidence after an incident takes place.


Today's Next-Generation HD Surveillance Systems are changing that with capabilities that allow remote monitoring and generating alerts. Here are a few of the benefits of these advanced systems:


  • Cost Savings From HD The initial benefit from high-definition cameras is easy to guess: Rather than seeing grainy images of people and license plates, the images come through more clearly. But there's an additional benefit: Higher resolution cameras can also see farther. This means that parking lots, campuses, warehouses, stadiums and other facilities can cover large, open areas with fewer cameras - and thus generate meaningful savings in the process.


  • Catch Problems As They Happen Traditionally, video cameras have been used to analyze a crime or intrusion after it occurs. Next-Generation HD cameras and Video Management Systems, on the other hand, have motion detection, facial recognition, and license recognition capabilities that enable real-time alerts whenever unapproved personnel and vehicles appear.


  • Tamper Detection Knocking out security cameras is often one of the first things an experienced intruder does. Many new cameras offer tamper detection which sends immediate alerts when someone attempts to damage, remove, disconnect, block or redirect a camera. The second a camera's operation is compromised, your system can swiftly respond with audio alarms, strobe lights, lockdowns, or a call to the proper personnel.


  • Remote Monitoring and Management Traditional surveillance cameras are normally monitored onsite or by a third-party security firm - if at all. Now, cloud-based Video Management Systems enable you to monitor your facilities anytime, anywhere. This enables you to verify incidents that have triggered an alert, and  to "virtually drop in" and check your day-to-day operations whenever and wherever you choose.


  • Improved Operational Insights With the incorporation of AI, Next-Generation HD cameras and Video Management Systems are able to capture data that you may miss. New understandings into things like areas with the heaviest foot or vehicle traffic, employee dwell time, customer wait time, safety compliance, and even social distancing can be recorded, documented and analyzed, resulting in actionable insights you can use to improve performance.


  • Enhanced Situational Awareness In the event of an emergency, having a surveillance system with the capabilities mentioned above will enable faster response times. Paradyme is RapidSOS Ready. Our integration with RapidSOS' emergency response data platform enables our systems to deliver incident location and facility data directly to first responders in real-time when you call 911. This immediate communication of critical information empowers a smarter, more situationally aware response in an emergency.


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