“Shelter-in-Place” Covid Security Checklist

"Shelter-in-Place" Security Checklist

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11 Things To Do Before A Temporary Facility Shutdown.

Most areas of the country have begun to relax their COVID-19 shelter-in-place guidelines. However, many healthcare professionals are predicting a possible second wave of outbreaks. Should that happen, you might find yourself once again vacating your place of business for the duration, and could need a shelter-in-place covid security checklist.

Vacant buildings are especially vulnerable to break-ins, looting and vandalism. If another large-scale emergency or shutdown takes place, our shelter-in-place checklist can help you safeguard your facility and assets.


Shelter-in-Place Covid Security Checklist

Decide which employees should have building access during the shutdown. Keep your list as minimal as possible to prevent exposure and increase compliance.

Set defined policies for entering the property during the lockdown, should anyone need to access.

Make sure all insurance policies are up to date, especially those covering vandalism and stolen property.

Re-introduce yourself to your business' neighbors. Exchange contact information so you can keep each other informed on any events or suspicious activity.

Empty all safes. To discourage tampering, leave the safe door open.

Make a list of any portable, high-priced or "irreplaceable" items that you may want to store off-site.

Arrange for key personnel to have remote monitoring capabilities, so they can occasionally check up on your facility.

Do a thorough inspection of your fire, smoke and other alarm systems.

If you are in a secluded, remote or low-traffic area, contact your local police to request occasional drive-bys.

The Most Important Item On Your List.
Above all, be sure to review your security, fire and alarm systems with your Security Provider. Make sure everything is in working order, and enhance your systems if needed. Ask them to do a walk-through of your property to see if any areas need to be reinforced or strengthened.


Don't wait for a shutdown to perform this important step.
It should be done well in advance. Once a shutdown starts, your security providers may be busy handling a spike in break-ins and trespassing alerts.


Be Prepared. Call Paradyme.
Paradyme provides comprehensive security services for businesses throughout the throughout Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas areas. To find out how we can help you protect your facilities, or to arrange a complimentary walk-through and review of your security systems, contact us today.

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