My First ISC West and First time in Vegas

Opinion piece

Spot Steven Schwartz Paradyme’s CEO walking through the expo

The International Security Conference and Exposition—otherwise known as ISC West—is a leading fire and security trade event where top vendors from all over the world share their latest and greatest technological advances within the industry. It truly is the Super Bowl of the fire and security space. I flew out to Las Vegas with Paradyme’s CEO, Steve, to attend the show. Here are my takeaways and thoughts on some of the products we saw while we were there.

Boon Edam

In turnstiles, we met with Boon Edam. Their security revolving doors prevent more than one person from entering through them. This ensures that only those allowed in can enter. While at their booth, we also had the pleasure of meeting with our close friend Desmond Dyles from Publix. We discussed how their distribution centers could utilize this technology to keep certain parts of the facility exclusive to only those who are granted special access.

Digital Watchdog

From concealable pinhole cameras to incredible LPR cameras that work in freezing temperatures, Digital Watchdog’s catalog is expansive. They, like others on my list, were showcasing the use of AI to help enhance monitoring. The AI integration in their MEGAPix AI cameras helps reduce false alarms due to their ability to differentiate between a person from a car or an animal. Their cameras are not reliant on human sight, as their technology can notify people of potential danger even when they are not personally monitoring the footage. They are NDAA and TAA compliant.

Steven Schwartz talking to close friend Adam Feinberg from Digital Watchdog and Southeast Security Products


Dragonfruit makes trending AI technologies accessible. Their video analytics program can connect to the cameras already existing in the space. Users don’t need to throw away well-functioning products to adopt the new technology. Instead, they only have to connect the plug-and-play Base Station to upgrade the existing cameras. From there, monitoring can easily be done through their app.


LiftMaster showcased their vast array of products beyond the home garage systems I knew them for. Their access control products utilize smart video technology and Wi-Fi. Users can enter by using their phone as the key, and a one-time code can be shared with guests. As guests enter, app users can see who is arriving by using the camera affixed to the panel. Additionally, their industrial, heavy-duty, and barrier gates stand out as dependable products that Paradyme often recommends for many jobs.

View of the LiftMaster booth


Every building has gas. Parking garages, boilers, generators, gas stoves, and fountain drink dispensers are all common items that can and should be monitored. Macurco gas and vapor detectors are extremely effective at keeping people safe. Once installed, the user does not need to do anything. Macurco or Paradyme (the installer) can take care of maintenance and repairs. For Paradyme, their product is a no-brainer and should be standard in every building. In the state of Florida, gas detection is already required for those with fountain drink dispensers.


Milestone’s monitoring technology seamlessly integrates into new or existing cameras and sensors. It enables users to search through all captured footage to extract content that meets specific criteria. Whether you want to see all cars with Florida license plates or all people wearing blue baseball hats, their technology can accomplish just that. The best part, in my opinion, is its compatibility with the cloud, allowing you to monitor data from anywhere on any device. Information is also shareable, making it effortless to connect data with safety officials.

Silmar Electronics

Long-time friends from Miami, Silmar Electronics is one of the places where Paradyme sources its products. Silmar Electronics sells a wide range of high-quality brands covering everything from fire to security. It’s nice to know that we can support another Miami-based business even when we’re far from home. Steve and I had the opportunity to connect with some of the Silmar team over breakfast. Their generosity, advice, and footprint in the security industry are admirable.

New technology from RapidSOS Paradyme’s parent company

The week spent in Las Vegas for ISC West was filled with busy days, long-time and new friends, the latest advancements in technology, and lots of learning. We are especially grateful to LiftMaster, Silmar Data, Farpointe Data, Digital Watchdog, and Snap One for including us in their plans for the week. It is because of excellent companies like them and the ones mentioned above that Paradyme is able to excel and deliver high-quality products and protection to our customers.

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