South Florida Synagogue Shares Their Experience with Paradyme

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*For safety and anonymity, we will be referring to this customer as “South Florida Synagogue”

              Paradyme prioritizes safety for everyone. This includes houses of worship. For one South Florida synagogue, the safety of their congregants and staff is at the forefront. When the Executive Director of the South Florida Synagogue first started working at the temple, they noticed that the cameras were almost as old as the historic building itself. There were several security cameras and nearly all of them were not functioning. One of the Executive Director’s first initiatives was bringing Paradyme to their campus. They worked with Paradyme previously at their former synagogue and shared that they would not do security without us. In addition to their familiarity with the company, they also knew the CEO Steven Schwartz and his family.

              Once Paradyme began working on the cameras, peace of mind instantly settled in. Paradyme worked efficiently, starting with assessing the systems they had in place and then suggesting reliable products that would reduce the number of cameras needed and cover a wider surface area. The Executive Director said, “Paradyme did everything from the computer side to the camera side.” Not a square inch was left forgotten. The camera system has allowed them to feel safe during the day and comfortable at night when less people are there. They have been very lucky to not have any issues and feel confident in the camera’s excellent quality and comprehensive recording capabilities. They can look back at the cameras and send the footage to the police at any time. Not only is the South Florida Synagogue happy with the cameras but so is the local police department as some of the footage has been used to help solve an issue that happened just outside the temple.

              Eventually, Paradyme began working on their access control. The back entrance that experienced a lot of traffic was a gate built around the 1920s. The only criteria needed to get in was a code that could easily be shared. Once someone had the code they could get onto the property at any time. Paradyme retrofitted the former wiring and equipment to fit modern day. A fob system was installed to make employee access easier while making the temple more secure. Unfortunately, the system was not compatible with the older building. “It was a tech issue, not a Paradyme issue,” The Executive Director explained. “Paradyme came over at nine at night to help fix it.” Paradyme worked tirelessly to fix it, often staying late into the night and coming back early in the morning. A synagogue requires a high level of security, which is why Steven offered to replace the system at no cost to the temple. The South Florida Synagogue has not had any issues with the new system to date.

“Paradyme is going to take care of the customer without hesitation,” The Executive Director shared. “Paradyme’s employees felt like family. Everyone who comes to the temple is kind, knowledgeable, and patient.” Paradyme strives for transparency and professionalism in everything we do. Not only are we there for every step of the process but we stick around after to ensure that things continue to run smoothly and correctly. Getting to interview the Executive Director and learn more about the South Florida Synagogue’s experience with Paradyme further assured us that our team is truly outstanding in everything they do. Moving forward, Paradyme strives to continue our relationship with the South Florida Synagogue and help keep other houses of worship in the South Florida area safe.

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